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عطما| منتج من عراد وزيت السمسم وزيت عباد الشمس البكر


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قلب السلیم مع زیت السلیم

فی عصارة الطلایی المفید

OSARE TALAEE MOFID COMPANY ( OTMA) is The manufacturer of pure edible oils in Islamic republic of Iran

Witch using cold press method to abstract vegetable oil out of oil seeds witch preserve quality of oil

Trying to present 100% pure oil

Considering importance of oils on preventing from vascular and heart disease ,this company selecting logotype "healthy heart with healthy oil" steps toward propagation consumption of pure vegetable oils

OTMA manufacturing company accept representation and distributer in other countries


اخبار الآخرین السایت


محاورات الحدیثة

  • Cold pressing method to extract vegetable oil

    Cold pressing method to extract vegetable oil
    1396/08/24 21:15
    Cold pressing oil extraction refers to the pressing method that oil plants before pressing are not heated or kept in low temperature state before being fed into the oil press. Cold pressing is generally in the temperature of less than 60℃. Cold pressed oil retains the natural flavor and color of oil plants, complete preserves the physiological active substances with lower protein denaturation degree
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  • Amazing Benefits of Pure Sesame Oil

    Amazing Benefits of Pure Sesame Oil
    1396/12/26 13:56
    Amazing Benefits of Pure Sesame Oil
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  • تراریخته چیست

    تراریخته چیست
    1397/07/29 19:21
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  • -

    1397/08/05 10:39
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